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why choose us

Professional sales team:From contact, agreement, contract, order, shipment, to after sales-services, our sales members all professionally trained.

Professional design team:We have more than 30 engineers in design team, nearly all of them get bachelor degree, They design and develop[ new products under the guidance of the market, such as new product decision-making, new product design, new product process selection, new product trial production; we get 3-5 patent inventions every year; our OEM products are widely promoted in the market and recognized by customers .

Professional automation team:The automated machines are designed by ourselves according to the customer's requirement; standardized products significantly improve production efficiency to meet customer delivery request; most of the company's products are flexible and automated production.

Professional production management team:According to the MRP system, ERP system, and JIT system, the company combines production capital, labor, and technology in the best way to achieve the continuity, proportionality, balance, and punctuality of the production process.






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