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Screw free terminal market applications gradually expanded

  With the development of wiring terminal, the product cost of screw-type wiring terminal is increased, and the technology of screw-free wiring terminal is becoming more and more mature, easy to operate and low cost. In recent years, screw-free wiring terminal has become popular.
       Free screw terminal products of Ningbo Max electronic technology co., LTD., reliable performance, time saving, can clamp the corresponding single wire and multi-wire. Material selection: shell -- nylon PA66, flame retardant 94v-0, environment-friendly material, in line with European ROHS standards; Rigid and flexible, corrosion resistant to most chemical reagent, has the remarkable ability to resist leakage current breakdown, allows the temperature of 105 ℃ continuous work, and keep the stability of short-term high limit is 165 ℃, low temperature limit is 35 ℃ below zero; Conductor material -- high precision imported copper, tin plating.

    Screw free terminal is widely used in electronic ballasts, transformers, electronic appliances, communications fields; Operation method: press the button and insert the single or multi-ply wire (multi-ply wire needs soldering) with a length of 8-9mm into the hole. Disassembly method: press the button to remove the wire. There is a test hole above the hole for testing.
    My company's products on the quality of a strict test and testing; Safe and reliable, easy to operate. The following is a simple test method for product materials, material proof, SGS report and certification can be provided if necessary. Plastics: test method for comparison of flame retardancy by fire. Pin: test method, 20 times press line test without deformation, spring strength, pull out strength.