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The terminal industry will be a leader in the electronic component industry

Looking forward to 2011, the structural adjustment of the terminal industry is the primary condition for major terminal companies to stay in the international terminal market. How to successfully adjust the structure of the terminal enterprise has become an international topic discussed by major domestic terminal manufacturers. With the global economy back on track and terminals are the most potential markets in China.

       Facing the current wind power boom, Secretary General Qi Hesheng of the Wind Energy Equipment Branch of the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association analyzed the current situation and prospects of the Chinese wind power industry from a professional level. China's wind power industry has developed rapidly in recent years: China's new wind power installed capacity in 2006 was 1.34 million KW, in 2007 it was 3.3 million KW, in 2008 it exceeded 6 million KW, and in 2009 alone it reached 4 million KW. It is expected that the new installed capacity for the whole year will exceed 12 million KW, and the added capacity will rise from the second in the world last year to the first in the world.

       Such rapid growth is both an opportunity and a challenge for wind power-related companies. Especially now, facing the temptation of excess wind power, companies must correctly analyze their own situation and carefully select target markets and entry points. At the same time, the problems of grid connection, technical bottlenecks, and repeated construction of the wind power industry have become increasingly prominent. In addition to the need for the government to coordinate all parties to solve them, wind power companies must also clarify their responsibilities and jointly promote the healthy development of the wind power industry.

        When the terminal block is in the market with a piece of fat from the wind power industry, Ningbo Max Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the proudest and most shocking company in the electronic component industry that focuses on terminal blocks. Keeping abreast of market demand and maintaining the first level in terms of product quality, price, reputation and service of terminal blocks, Nningbo Max always regards product quality, price, reputation and service as key factors for the sustainable development of the company Putting it first is also a priority task for companies to control quality.

        After a long-established terminal series, Ningbo Max has a very rich product line, which is widely used in onshore and offshore wind power, covering the main control system of the wind turbine, variable speed system, variable current system, tower lighting system, wind farm management System and other major systems. The products used in the main control system include signal terminals, sensor terminals, shielded crimping frame terminals, relays, and other products; heavy-duty connectors, and terminal products have been successfully applied to pitch systems; WFF double stud wiring for current conversion systems Terminals, in addition to the space saving design and modular or three modular structure of WPDB branch terminals, short circuit protection and IP20 protection level can ensure that the inverter output current meets the grid connection requirements.

        I have to worry about 100 million kilowatts of output for three consecutive years. I can't do it any faster, I should reduce the speed. However, with the development of our economy and the needs of users, we have to re-produce according to the contract. Therefore, for 4 to 5 years, the production volume is 100 million kilowatts per year. This speed is fast, and the terminal must be followed closely. The pace of this market is to meet the needs of the market, and the level is still high. Facing such speed and high level, the quality of the terminal will be the first.