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How to choose suitable high current connector terminals

Whether it is consumer products or industrial products, as the performance of various devices increases, the power they consume will inevitably increase. In order to make these devices that require large currents operate safely, reliable high-current connector terminals are essential.

To purchase suitable high-current connector terminals, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The plastic shell of the high-current connector plug should have a fire-retardant PCUL 94V-0 grade.

2. High-current connector plugs must have CE UL certification.

3. The manufacturer shall provide the hardness test report of the high current connector plug.

4. It is necessary to determine the maximum current of the contact of the product, and it cannot be used in excess.

5. Terminals generally have multiple apertures, which is convenient for wiring according to rated current

6. High-current connector terminals are generally silver-plated or gold-plated copper. The hardness of red copper can be quenched to make it moderate in hardness. It will not be too hard to avoid wiring cold pressing and crimping terminals. It will not be too soft and will not be deformed after being plugged and unplugged many times.

7. It can support more than 1000 times of plugging and unplugging.

8. Choose a manufacturer that has rich experience and can provide specifications and operation guidance, such as Ningbo Max Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.