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How to improve the wear of pin connectors

The connector pin is an important contact part of the connector, it is an important channel for signal and current transmission, and the key to the stable operation of the device. The current connector pins are basically gold-plated, which is the preferred processing method to ensure their durability. The connector pins will inevitably wear out as the connector is plugged and unplugged many times. To improve its wear status can start from this aspect.

1. The contact surface can be plated with nickel and then with gold, which can have lower friction than gold plating on copper.

2. Increase the thickness of the nickel layer. The thicker the nickel layer, the stronger the wear resistance of the gold-plated layer.

3. Improve the strength of the gold-plated layer on the contact surface, which can effectively reduce friction.

4. The higher the smoothness of the pin surface, the lower the friction, which can reduce the wear when plugging and unplugging.

5. In the usual use of the connector, attention should be paid to the maintenance of the connector, not forcibly plugging and unplugging, to reduce human damage.