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How to install the horn connector

The horn connector is an internal wiring device that is very simple to use. The characteristic of the horn connector is that the structure on both sides of it resembles the two horns of a cow. Therefore it is called a horn connector or a hook horn connector. On the other hand, Jane Niu connector is a Niu horn connector without a snap structure. According to requirements, the commonly used pin pitches of horn connectors have three specifications: 1.27 pitch, 2.0 pitch, and 2.54 pitch; according to the different pitch, the diameter of the square pin used can also be changed.

The application of horn connectors in the electronic field is very extensive. Therefore, most equipment assemblers will face the problem of how to install the horn connector. In fact, only three points need to be grasped.

1 Insertion direction

When the horn connector is fully mated to U=14.2, it should ensure that it reaches the specified 79483MD.

2 perpendicular to the insertion direction

If the printed board or fixed board-mounted connector is installed floating, the design of the free and fixed board-mounted connector should give an adjustable displacement of at least 1mm (Note: For the rigid installation of the fixed board-mounted connector, install the rack Must have strict tolerances.)

3 Inclination

The design of free and fixed board-mounted connectors allows for inclination errors, with a longitudinal axis of ± 4 ° and a horizontal axis of ± 4 °.