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How to match terminals and wires

The terminal wire is composed of wires, insulators, and terminals. How to match the terminals and wires? Generally divided into the following categories:


1. The crimping method, also called cold-pressed terminal, how to match this kind of terminal and wire? Directly use tools or terminal machines and other equipment to connect the terminal to the corresponding wire, and generally pass UL486A, C and other standards to check whether the crimping is qualified.


2. Welding method, how to match this kind of terminal and wire, generally use soldering tool to weld the terminal and wire together.



3. Piercing and crimping, also called piercing terminal wire, how to match this kind of terminal and wire? Use a tool or a terminal machine to crimp the pierced terminal and wire together to realize the piercing wire to realize the conduction function , Generally, there are aluminum enameled wires and so on.


How to match the terminal and the wire? It depends on the industry used, and what position and structure of the interfaces on both sides. According to the square number of the terminal, each specification has a corresponding crimping range and different crimping methods. Among them, screw crimping The connection range is the widest, followed by crimping frame crimping, and shrapnel crimping, etc.