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How to test the power connector

The power connector is generally composed of a plug and a socket. The plug is also called a free-end connector, and the socket is also called a fixed connector. The connection and disconnection of the circuit is realized by plugs, sockets, and insertion and separation.

When testing the power connector, it is also necessary to pay attention to various details.

1) When testing cables or electronic equipment, the probe should meet the requirements. It is strictly forbidden to use meter pens or copper wires for direct testing to prevent the jack of the power connector from being enlarged or the inner wall of the power connector is damaged or the pins are knocked crooked;

2) Before the test cable is plugged into the power connector on the electronic device, the power connector (plug and socket) on the test cable should be checked first. Any appearance damage, pin (hole) corrosion, pin distortion, or insertion It cannot be inserted if the hole is deformed, dust pollution, wire is broken, or the shielding wire is broken;

3) The plugging operation of the power connector during the test should generally be performed after disconnecting the power supply and staying for no less than 3 minutes, and plugging and unplugging with power is prohibited;

4) After the model and product electrical performance tests are completed, if the power connector does not separate for a long time, the power connector should be insured according to the requirements of the design and process documents, and the locking device of the power connector should not be loosened during the fuse.