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Advantage Of DIN 41612 Connector

The DIN 41612 Connector is a two-piece backplane connector. This type of connector is used in rack-based telecommunication systems and many other applications. It is widely used in computing, medical, process control, and industrial automation. This type of connector has a 0.1-inch grid pitch and features 16-, 32-, 48-, and 64-contact pairs. The pins of this DIN41612 connector are labelled as a+b and a+c, respectively.


The DIN41612 Connectors are available in various durability grades. They meet the standards of IEC 60-603-2, making them a perfect match for open systems and applications. Class 1 connectors, which are the most durable, are exposed to 250 mating cycles and are treated with sulphur dioxide for ten days. This test ensures that the contacts do not erode and do not affect the function.


Designed to withstand high temperatures, DIN41612 connectors are highly reliable. Using these connectors in your products will prevent them from malfunctioning or breaking. They are widely used in industrial settings. The DIN41612 connectors come in a variety of designs and sizes, depending on the application. Some types are made for industrial applications, while others are made for consumer products. In any case, you can expect them to perform as expected, so you won't have to replace them too often.


The DIN41612 Connector is classified by IEC standards. For example, there are two types of Class 1: IEC 60-603 and IEC 61 076-4 113. As these are higher quality connectors, they cost more. This is due to the thicker gold plating. Besides, the DIN41612 has been improved with international standards and is now available in a variety of lengths and termination lengths.


In terms of reliability, DIN41612 connectors are certified as IEC 61 076-4113. They are available in several different body sizes, contact lead lengths, and platings. You can choose the one that meets your specific requirements. These PCB connectors can be used in a wide range of applications, such as in computer peripherals. It is recommended that you choose a Class 1 / IEC 61076-4113 for the highest quality and reliability.


Despite the fact that the DIN 41612 connector is not a universal standard, it is commonly used in industrial applications. Its use in industrial settings has increased dramatically, and it is now a common choice for many manufacturers. The high-quality and robust design of this type of connector has made it the preferred choice for manufacturers. There are three levels of DIN41612: the basic, the intermediate, and the specialized.


The DIN41612 Connectors are used to connect two devices. The HARTING 3B and 3C DIN 41612 product ranges are smaller versions of the DIN41612. They have a 0.1-inch (2.54 mm) contact spacing, and can carry up to 2 A per contact. They are compatible with a wide range of manufacturers and are widely interchangeable. If your needs are in industrial applications, you can also use DIN41612 connectors in other applications.