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How to maintain terminal in winter?

Winter is the frequent period of terminal fault, only through good maintenance work, can reduce the production of equipment fault, please be sure to pay attention to the user. When maintaining the high-voltage wiring terminal bank in winter, pay attention to the temperature of the installation environment of the wiring terminal, and regularly clean the dust inside the wiring terminal bank to ensure the unobstructed cooling air path. Strengthen inspection, improve wiring terminal, motor and the surrounding environment of the line.
    Terminal machine maintenance can be carried out according to the following steps:
   1. Normally, press guide rail of terminal machine shall be lubricated with engine oil once every 1-2 hours, and the oil hole shall be on the top of terminal machine. Do not add too much oil each time, 2-3 drops are advisable;

    2. The operator shall clean the machine every day to remove sundries, dust and excess oil on the machine surface; 
    3. At last, add butter to the main speed bearing of terminal machine every week: open the rear cover of terminal
machine remove the binding spring of driven pulley remove the pulley beat butter (evenly spread on the surface of high-speed bearing) restore (note: in the process of removing the pulley, attention should be paid to the loss of the bearing ball). 
    The application of terminal block is mainly reflected in: power electronic wiring, where the screen equipment and screen equipment connected, all through some special terminal block, these terminal block combination, it is called terminal block. The function of terminal bank is to connect the circuit between the equipment inside the screen and the equipment outside, and play the role of signal (current and voltage) transmission. With the terminal row, so that beautiful wiring, easy maintenance, the connection between the long-distance line is mainly strong, construction and maintenance convenient.
     Notes for the usual use of terminal

   1. In the process of operation, if there is any abnormality of the machine, please turn off the power first and timely ask the maintenance personnel for maintenance and debugging.

   2. Non-designated personnel are strictly prohibited to debug or disassemble and assemble machine parts without permission.

    3. During the operation, the power supply of the machine is not disconnected, do not allow your fingers or any part of your body to enter the stamping range, so as to avoid industrial accidents.

   4. During the operation, if you need to leave your post, you must turn off the power before leaving.

    5. When changing the terminal, the power supply must be disconnected before the replacement. It is strictly prohibited to change the terminal during the operation of the machine.

    6. During the operation, if any terminal is stuck in the cutter mold, it must be removed with scissors or pick needle before continuing the operation.