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Male and female headers

Male and female headers both have different pin configurations, which make it easy to choose the right connector for your application. The two types of connectors have straight or right-angle contacts, and both are made of trough-hole technology, which is more durable. As with the other connectors, there are also variants available for the parameters. Depending on the purpose, you can choose a standard pin or a machine-pin header.


The pin header is a type of electrical connector. It is widely used in electronic instrumentation and serves as a bridge between two PCBs. These connectors accept current and signal transmission, and mate with cable connectors and headers to form a board-to-board connection. The pins in a female header are usually longer than the male connectors. It is also possible to use female headers as jumper wire recipients. These female headers have a broader range of applications than the male or the metric versions.


Male and female header connectors are used in electronic circuits. They have a rectangular shape and are soldered to the board surface. The pins in a female header are generally spaced 0.1" apart, but some manufacturers also produce three-row headers. If you need to use two-row connectors in an electronic circuit, you should choose the THD type. This is because it is easier to manually assemble. If you need to use three-row connectors, you can choose the THD variant.

Pin headers are usually sold as long strips of 36 or forty or 50 pins. You can cut them to the length needed for your application. Shrouded headers are made of plastic and are designed to fit insulation-dispplacement connectors. Most pin headers come with a square notch for proper placement of the connector, but there are also non-SHrouded versions available without the square notch. It is important to select the right one for your needs.


The pin header connectors are sold in long strips. They typically contain 36, 40, or 50 pins. The pins are cut to length. You can also choose to buy one that is longer than you need. The THD variant is preferred for manual assembly. The THD variant is also the cheapest type. A male connector can only be inserted in a female header. However, a female header can be attached to another electrical connector.


A female header is made of copper or plastic. Its length is dependent on the type of connector used. A male header can connect to a female connector. A female header can be either female or male. The male connector can be either female or male. There are two types of headers. The THD version is the more expensive type. A pin connector is a must-have for most electronics projects. These are used for wiring. If you need to connect to a PCB, a single row version will do the job.