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Pin headers come in two types

A pin header is an inexpensive type of electrical connector used in home electronics and other personal electronic projects. A standard male pin header usually contains one or more vertical rows of copper pins molded into a protective plastic shield, usually 2.5 mm thick. Male pin headers are economical because of their relative ease. You can install these connectors with no soldering, unless you want to replace or repair some component. If you're replacing an existing header with a different style, it's a good idea to get a few tips from the people at nbmax or another manufacturer.

A popular choice for a computer connection, the shrouded header has a vertical side that hides all of the pins. To use a shrouded header, you connect one end to the CPU and then connect the other end to an adjustable voltage source, like a wall outlet. This is different from standard bipolar connectors, because all of the pins are exposed. The advantages to using a shrouded header are that they are generally more reliable and much safer than standard connections. The disadvantages are that they don't look very attractive, and the overall size is slightly larger than standard connectors.




In order to use a standard computer connector, you would need to solder on female and male pins and use a row of matching sockets. With the pin header, there are female pins already connected, making it much easier to attach the corresponding male connectors. To add on to the appearance, you could opt for illuminated rows. These types of headers have small colored lights at each end of the rows to make it easy to identify which wire goes where.


Another option for a PC connector is a TQi type, which is similar to a PCI connector, except that it is smaller. Typically, a TQi offers a standard data rate and four pins for connection. Since it is not a full sized PCI, it does not have the same standard data rate as other connector types, but this is fine for most purposes. When choosing a chip set, make sure to check the data rate and compare it to the maximum allowed data rate provided by your host device. Generally, you will be able to select a chip set with a maximum current carrying capacity of up to 5 amps, but the exact numbers will vary depending on your host device and the type of server appliance.


One of the smallest and least expensive types of PC connector is the header, which offers a simple means of connecting the different components together. It can be made of many different materials, such as gold, copper, plastic, silver, or other metal. The latest trends in pin header options include a new micro pin technology that allows users to select individual pins for use with different connections. Also, because this connection is so small, it can typically be purchased at a cheaper price than most other connector options. When looking to purchase a header, you should know that there are a variety of different sizes and data rate ratings available. Your choice should depend upon the components you intend to connect, the intended environment, and the amount of money you have available to spend on your server or appliance.