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Reasons for the rust of the copper parts of the terminal

Some users often encounter rusty copper parts after using the terminal blocks, which will seriously affect the effect. So, what is the reason for the rust of the copper parts of the terminal?

Reasons for the rust of the copper parts of the terminal

1.The problem of the material of the terminal

The structure of the terminal is relatively simple. It consists of a piece of metal (usually a copper piece) enclosed in insulating plastic, with holes at both ends for inserting wires, or screws for fastening/loosening.

In general, the aging speed of copper is relatively slow, and the metal is also plated during processing! If the copper part turns black, it may be a chemical reaction-oxidation. The reason is that the electroplating and protection links in the processing process are not done well; secondly, the copper material does not exist (the copper part contains iron). If a brown substance is found in the copper rust, That means it contains iron impurities.

Solution: Buy terminal blocks from regular manufacturers to prevent rusting of the copper parts of the terminal blocks.



2. Factors outside the terminal

For this kind of external situation, there are usually two main reasons. One is that the aging speed of copper parts is very fast under high temperature or low temperature, and the other is that excessive current will cause the terminal to heat up, and this will Destroying its insulating layer and protective layer will also increase the speed of terminal aging.

Solution: In the case of bad environmental conditions, you can consider adding a protective cover or plastic cover to the terminal.

In the case of excessive current, regular inspections are required here. When the terminal is hot and hot, it is necessary to eliminate the cause in time to extend the service life of the terminal.