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The importance of DIP switches

With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, all walks of life are gradually developing in the direction of intelligence, high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection. A smart, energy-efficient, green and environmentally friendly machine and equipment requires the help of dial switches.


Although the DIP switch is a small electrical component. However, without it, people will not be able to control various machines, which shows the importance of DIP switches to it. As people increase the various functions of the machine, dial the code to open.


Close also continues to develop in order to be able to match it. So as to meet people's various needs.

Therefore, the programming system is applied to the DIP switch. Through the control of the host, each electrical appliance is coded. In addition, no other operations are required, and the machine can be switched on and off quickly and smoothly, even if there is no electricity.


Wire connection can also be remotely controlled at a place far away from the machine and equipment.


On the other hand, DIP switches can control different rhythms. One switch can be used to control multiple machines and equipment, and they can be controlled separately. It is also possible to simultaneously turn on and turn off multiple machines and equipment at the same time. In addition, dial to open.


The switch also has an automatic adjustment function, and it will automatically shut down if the power is cut off in the middle. The call will not be turned on again, which can quickly and effectively prevent accidents.