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What are the advantages of screw-type pcb terminal blocks

Terminals used in the electrical connection of printed circuit boards are referred to as PCB terminals or PCB connectors in the industry. The screw-type structure of the terminal block can provide a more compact structure and more reliable crimping for the pcb. The screw-type pcb terminal blocks are easy to operate, with large wiring capacity and accurate stitch distance. It is the mainstream of industrial connection technology.

The screw connection mainly uses the lifting principle of the clamp body. That is, in the structure, the screw is always pressed against the current bar when the screw is tightened, so that the wire clamping body moves upward, so that the wire in the wire clamping body is close to the current bar and finally clamped. This structure can make the terminal have a high contact pressure, so that the wire is embedded in the soft tin plating layer of the current bar. In this way, a very small contact resistance can be obtained.

Other technologies cannot provide such a large pressing force in the same small space. Even in harsh environments, such as corrosive air, it can still maintain long-term reliability and is indispensable in high-current occasions. The screw-type structure also has the advantage of convenient operation. Only a screwdriver is needed to complete the operation of the wiring screw and the bridge. Can greatly improve construction efficiency.