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What are the basic components of the connector

Connectors are parts of electronic equipment that connect circuits to transmit current and are irreplaceable. The basic structure of the connector can be divided into four parts: contact, insulator, shell, and accessories.

Contact: It is composed of a male contact and a female contact. The electrical connection is completed by the insertion of the male and female contacts. The contact is the core part of the connector, which mainly plays the role of electrical connection.

Insulator: It can arrange the contact pieces according to the required position and spacing, and ensure the insulation performance between the contact pieces and between the shell and the contact pieces. Insulators are also called pedestals and mounting plates, and insulating materials are required to have good insulation resistance, withstand voltage performance, and ease of processing.

Shell: As the outer cover of the connector, it mainly provides mechanical protection for the built-in insulating mounting board and pins.

Accessories: There are two kinds of structural accessories and installation accessories. Structural accessories-clamp rings, connecting rings, cable clamps, positioning pins, guide pins, sealing rings, gaskets, etc.; installation accessories-screws, nuts, screws, spring rings, etc.