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What are the types of pcb terminals

Wiring terminal: It is a basic accessory used to realize electrical connection. It is the fixed part of connecting wire, electrical appliance, control board or terminal, called terminal.

PCB terminal block: Generally speaking, it is a kind of accessory product for PCB circuit board to realize electrical connection. It is divided into the category of connector in industry.

In addition, there are some aliases for pcb terminal blocks: they are also called because their appearance is generally in a row shape, such as terminal blocks, terminal blocks, terminal blocks, terminal blocks, terminal boards, etc.

The function of the pcb terminal: to ensure the electrical connection is firm, safe, beautiful and to improve the convenience and speed of electrical installation and maintenance.

In the industry, wiring terminals are widely used on PCB circuit boards. The specific types are as follows:



1. PCB plug-in terminal

It is made up of two parts plug-in connection, one part presses the wire tightly, and then plugs into the other part, this part is soldered to the PCB board, suitable for automatic electrical connection system.

2. PCB direct welding terminal

Using the lifting principle of the wire clamping body, the welding foot and the wire clamping body are divided into two parts. The shell is strong and reliable, and the stitch distance is accurate. It is suitable for the power supply industry, the controller field, and the access control system.

3. PCB fence type terminal

It can realize safe, reliable and effective connection, especially in the use environment of high current and high voltage.

4. PCB spring type terminal

It is a new type of terminal using spring-loaded devices, which has been widely used in lighting, elevator lifting control, instrumentation, power supply, chemistry and automobile power.