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What are the ways to fix the pins of the connector

The pin connector generally refers to the male connector of the pin connector. The male head has a convex pin structure, which can be connected to each other by inserting into the recess of the female end to realize the transmission of current and signal.

At present, there are generally three methods for fixing pins of connectors:

1. Connector pin press-in type: use forced press-in to fix the pin.

The advantage of this method is that the pin installation is simple, the wire does not need to be stripped, and a good electrical connection can be ensured without damaging the wire. And without cutting off the main cable, tapping points can be made at any position of the cable. The production cost is low, and the installation space requirements are extremely small.

2. Connector pin epoxy type: After drilling the insulator and shell, use epoxy resin to fix the pin.

The method of fixing the pins with epoxy resin can make the produced connector products have low molding shrinkage, good dimensional stability, and low cracking probability. Arc resistance and surface leakage resistance are stronger than general insulating materials.

3. Connector pin point riveting type: After pressing in, point riveting the shell to fix the pin.

This method has simple structure and high reliability, and is a cost-effective and permanent fixed assembly method. The assembled metal components are firm, compact and stable, with high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance and strong weather resistance. The processing is convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly.