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What is the detection method of the contact pressure of the connector

The connector is used on the connector to connect the positioning joint of the electronic circuit, which is composed of the connector and the plug-in unit. Therefore, the connector can also be directly understood as a connector.

In a sense, the reliability of the connector depends on the contact pressure of its contact pair. It is an important indicator that can directly affect the size of the contact resistance and the amount of wear of the contact pair.

In most structures, it is quite difficult to directly measure the contact pressure. Therefore, the contact pressure is often measured indirectly through the separation force of a single foot. For round pinhole contact pairs, a standard pin with a specified weight is usually used to test the ability of the female contact to hold the weight. Generally, the diameter of the standard pin is the lower limit of the diameter of the male contact, which is -5μm. The total separation force is generally twice the sum of the upper line of the single-leg separation force. When the total separation force exceeds 50N, it is quite difficult to insert and remove manually. Of course, for some test equipment or occasions with special requirements, zero insertion force connectors, automatic disconnect connectors, etc. can be selected.