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Which aspects should be selected for terminal wire processing

When we are processing terminal wires, apart from factors such as terminal wire manufacturers, the choice of terminal wire raw materials will directly affect the quality of the product, so this link is very important, and there are many kinds of raw materials. Next xxx tells you when the terminal is processed Points to note

A finished terminal wire is processed by wire, insulating sheath, terminal and wrapping material. The first is the raw materials. At the level of the terminal wire processing plant, the quality of the terminal wire can be distinguished.

1. Material selection of the terminal: The copper used for the terminal is mainly made of brass and bronze, of which brass accounts for a relatively large proportion. In addition, different coatings can be selected according to different needs. This part can be said to be the whole The core part of the line is also a place where failures are relatively easy, so you must choose a good terminal connector when processing the terminal line.



2. The choice of insulating sheath: The commonly used sheath materials are PA6, PA66, ABS, PBT, pp, etc., according to the actual situation, flame retardant or reinforced materials can be added to the plastic to achieve the purpose of reinforcement or flame retardancy. Such as adding glass fiber reinforcement and so on. The insulating sheath mainly depends on the application in which industry, and it depends on the specific situation.

3.The selection of wire harness wire: According to the corresponding wire material, but also consider the voltage, temperature and resistance, etc. have a certain relationship with the wire.

4.The choice of wrapping materials for terminal wire processing: wire harness wrapping plays the role of abrasion resistance, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, preventing interference, reducing noise, and beautifying the appearance. You can choose tape, corrugated pipe, PVC pipe and so on for the wrapping material.