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ltem Data
Test standard IEC/EN61984 : 2009 1 UL1059  
Pitch 5.0
Poles 02-XXP
EN61984 Test data UL certificate NO:E482989
Rated voltage 250
Rated current 18
Rated connection capaiylosolidistranded [mm2] 0.5~2.5
(Surge voltage category/pollution degree/material group) ||/2/|
Rated impulse voltage 2.0
Rated torque 0.4
UL1059Test data UL File Number E228872
Use group B C D
Rated voltage 300 / /
Rated current 16 / /
Rated connection capacity(solid/stranded) [AWG] 26~12
Rated torque  3.54
General data /
Screw M2.5
Nfammability class UL94 V-0
Ambient temperature -40~+105
Relative humidity 5%-95%
Inspection standard  MIL-STD-105E II
AQL 0.65
Warranty 12 months
Material and plating /
Housing PA66
Spring Stainless不锈钢
Pin header Copper alloy,Sn plated铜合金,镀锡
Wire connecting
9-11mm; Recommended stripping length 9-11mm;

1.) For solid wire, stripping wire to the appointed length, then tightening with rated torque.

2.)For stranded wire: stipping wire to the appointed length, mating with corresponding type of ferrule,then tightening with rated torque.

 Tightening process should be steady, can't use explosive force.

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